Tire and Wheel Services

Do you have a tire going flat, know you need new tires, or just want to spice up your ride?

Motor Masters has you covered!



All brands of tires

  • Mastercraft
  • Cooper
  • Michelin
  • Firestone
  • Toyo
  • Continental
  • Much more

We use state-of-the-art and industry-leading "Hunter" tire machines and wheel balancers.

Do you have any questions about our services? Please contact us - We look forward to hearing from you


aftermarket Wheels

Many Brands of Wheels

  • Rolling Big Power
  • Gear Off Road
  • Pacer
  • Ultra Motor Sports
  • Worx
  • Mickey Thompson
  • Much more

To find out what looks best for your ride go to ADT.

New Tire Equipment

Hunter Tire Equipment is the best in the business!


When Do You Need Tires?

Penny Trick
The old tried and true method to know when you need a set of tires. Place the top part of a penny in the lowest tread, if it is lower than Abe's head then you are way past needing new tires.

Tread Depth
There is a universal tread depth gauge to see how much tire tread is remaining. We at Motor Masters can check at any time, and if you are in need we can give you an estimate on a brand new set of tires.

Other Problems


Improper tire inflation will cause uneven wear, at Motor Masters we can check your pressure and your wear.


Improper wheel alignment can also cause irregular tire wear. At Motor Masters we can check your tires, suspension, and alignment.


Worn-out suspension parts can cause uneven tire wear. At Motor Masters we can check your suspension components and take care of all your chassis problems and get the feel and steering of your vehicle back to feeling tight again.

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