Motor Masters Complete Automotive & Collision Repair Domestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel
Motor MastersComplete Automotive & Collision RepairDomestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel 

Synchony Car Care Financing

Vehicle repairs can be very expensive especially on modern cars these days.  An A/C evaporator could cost up to $1500, an engine replacement could be around $6000, suspension overhauls can cost around $2500, a new set of wheels and tires could be close to $2000, more times then not you are faced with these expensive repairs when you least expect it.  Motor Masters offers 6 month intrest free financeing options though Synchrony Car Care.

Motor Masters is your dealer alternative!!

We have so many benifits and service, the best thing to do is just call and make an appointment so we can look at your vehicle, make an evaluation, and complete the repairs and get your vehicle back to the best working condition.

Motor Masters
520 W Houston St
Sherman, TX 75090

Shop: 903.893.7646

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