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Motor MastersComplete Automotive & Collision RepairDomestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel 

Interstate Batteris

Your automotive battery is a very important part of your vehicle's eletrical system.  If  you have a low battery your car may not start when you need it most.  Motor Masters offers the best batteries in the business with prorated warranties up to 6 year 30 month free replacement.

IB Pulse


At Motor Masters we use state of the art dfvehicle electrical testing equipment from Interstate Batteries.  Not only does it test the health of your battery, it tests the alternator and charging system, and the starting system.  We can test this in under 5 minints and print out a report telling you exactly what is wrong.



In Action

Here is the IB Pulse evaluating a vehicle's electrical system.

Motor Masters is your dealer alternative!!

We have so many benifits and service, the best thing to do is just call and make an appointment so we can look at your vehicle, make an evaluation, and complete the repairs and get your vehicle back to the best working condition.

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