Motor Masters Complete Automotive & Collision Repair Domestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel
Motor MastersComplete Automotive & Collision RepairDomestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel 

BG Products and Services

Over the past deccade, Motor Masters has added complete vehivle fluid extraction and flushing services though BG Products.  We also use several premium fluids and cleaning products from BG.  Continue below to see details.

Induction Cleaning

Many moder vehicles have direct injectioin, this offers better fuel economy but has an unfortunate side effect: carbon buiidup on the intake components, valves, and piston tops.

With BG's top of the line induction cleaning chemicals, we can clean these compoents and improve engine fuel economy and performance.  We also like to do this service after a tune up.

Brake System Flush

Over time the brake fluid begins to deteriorate and this allows extra moisture to develope and downgrade the performance of the fluid.  Your brake fluid may also be discolored and dirty.  Its time for a brake flush!


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Motor Masters is your dealer alternative!!

We have so many benifits and service, the best thing to do is just call and make an appointment so we can look at your vehicle, make an evaluation, and complete the repairs and get your vehicle back to the best working condition.

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