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Motor MastersComplete Automotive & Collision RepairDomestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel 

The Car X-Ray Service

Have you ever been faced with a very expensive repair only to be left wondering what the technician did to your car.....  You can't even see this timing belt thing they talked about, or you don't know what a suspension ball joint is?

Have no fear we at Motor Masters have come up with the "Car X-Ray" service!

We can take in process pictures of your car repair so you will have the piece of mind about what the repair was and that it was completed.  We can also show the parts that were replaced and can expain what they are and what they do.  We have several customers who have come from other shops or dealerships where they had no idea what was done to their car and they didn't know if the job was even completed.  

Here at Motor Masters we want to take your dout and nerviousness away and give you the upfront honest truth about your automotive repairs.

Wiriring repairs, no problem, here is what happened.

Here is why the timing belt and timing components are a very important service and why it can sometimes be costly. 

Here are some timing chain components, usually very reliable and maintenance free, but sometimes need some repairs.

A leaking intake gasket requires the upper intake and sometimes lower intake plenum to be removed.

Air conditioning evaporator core replacement usually requires the instrument panel dash assembly to be removed and this is why it is a costly repair.

Here is a repair for a steering colum, the steering wheel and air bag components have to be removed.

Sometimes mice will make a nest in the HVAC system.  That is why your blower motor will sometimes make noise.