Motor Masters Complete Automotive & Collision Repair Domestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel
Motor MastersComplete Automotive & Collision RepairDomestic-European-Import-Gas-Diesel 

Automotive Repair

Domestic - European - Imports - Gas - Diesel - We do it ALL!

We work on most domestic, Asian, and European automobiles.  Services include A/C and HVAC systems, cooling systems, fuel and intake, front and rear suspension, drivetrain and chasis, electrical, ignition, timing belts, power steering, brakes and ABS, and so much more.  If we can not fix something we have a select network of other shops who can meet your needs.  We have tediously selected shops who share our ideals and ethics who we know we can trust and trust your car with them. 

So if you need something small like a tune up or brakes, or something large like a transmission replaced, or new motor, we can do it!

Continuing Inovation

In early 1970 Al traviled from Columbia and started working at a local Chevrolet dealer washing cars.  He had had training and college training for automobile repair and quickly began to accell thought the dealership's ranks.  He has been working on all types of cars and even worked on big trucks and school buses at one time or the other.  He even could rebuild engines and transmissions, A/C compresosrs, and just about anything else that could be rebuilt in those days.  Presently we at Motor Masters are always learning and growing in the automotive field and striving to make the repair shop expeirance enjoyable. 

We are on the second generation and the spirit of inovation and learing has been passed on.


4,6,8 CYL


Timing Chains

Timing Belts

We do not rebuild engines, but we do most everything haveing to do with engines.  If you need a new or recycled engine, head gaskets, timing components, or just about anything, Motor Masters has you covered.



We do not rebuild transmissions, but we can do everything from a minor serviceing, flushing, or new or recyled replacement.


We can repair most sytems on hybrid vehicles.






We work on all kinds of domestic diesels!  If you have major engine problems, or just regular maintenance, or injectors, Motor Masters has you covered.

Cooling Systems

When you have a leaking raidiator or water puimp, Motor Masters can repair your cooling system.

Air Conditioning Systems

We do A/C system work!  If you need someting simple like a cabin air filter or something major like a complete A/C system replacement, Motor Masters has you covered.  We can retro fit R12 systems and repair R134A and R1234YF systems.  



Suspensioin Systems

Motor Masters works on all kinds of suspension systems.  If your steering feels loose, you hear sharp rattles, or your tiers are wearing uneven, you probably have worn out suspension parts.  This can cause an array of problems and can be dangerous too.


Motor Masters can take care of ALL your brake system needs!  Disk, drums, hydrolic components, electrical ABS components, and eveything in between.


Mouse got your wires?  Motor Masters can take care of most electrical problems any thing from pesky varmits, connector ends, computer electronics, and most everything else.

Ignition Systems

More Coming Soon

Another very important and often overlooked system, is ignition components.  Motor Masters can do everything from plugs, wires, distributors, coils, and everything else.

Automotive Parts

We can get almost any kind of part recycled, original equipment (OE), or aftermarket to fit your needs.  Throughout the years we have picked certain parts distributors based on price, availability, and reliability.  No matter what you have Chrysler, Ram, Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundia, Kia, BMW, Mercedes, or anything else... we have you covered.

We mainly prefer to use Oreilly Auto Parts because we are an Oreilly Certified Auto Repair Center.